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Clash of Clans: Ebon Askavi

EbonAskavi is a warring clan on Clash of Clans. We are comprised of friends and family who have come together to kick the butts of other clans.

Our clan was started by Neko over a year ago after she saw the struggles her father (PapaGadget) and uncle (mkahner) were having with other clans and their inconsistencies of war and over all clan running. She thought, since she had led guilds in MMOs why not start a clan that her family could finally have the place they had been looking for. Neko's husband (DarkestEver) stands at the helm of leading the wars with his crazy organizational skills and strategic brain which have lead us to a 40% win rating.

The clan's name, EbonAskavi, is in reference to the great black mountain in the Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop. The mountain, Ebon Askavi, stands as the center of power between the three realms of the books. With the mountain having such a strong meaning it seemed fitting for what is now a strong clan.

We accept those we know and who prove themselves worthy. The pages contained within this site are to help build our clans bonds and beat other clans into the dirt. Enjoy!

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